Good News Everyone!


Hey you! And welcome to the first post and first episode (check out the pilot in the previous post) of “It’s Supposed to be Funny: A Caricature Podcast!”

I’ve been wanting to do a project like this since I started listening to podcasts, but i didn’t have a solid idea until this past summer when it hit me: “I’ll talk about Caricatures! My friends and i talk about that all the time anyway so it’ll be easy!” I sat down with my buddy Cory Lally and we recorded the Pilot episode.  6 months and a healthy push/collab with fellow noobie podcaster Nolan Harris of the ISCAST, and here i am finally presenting this content to the world.

New podcasts will be available every other Tuesday starting January 6, and as of right now (and after several days of technical difficulties), the podcast is in the process of submission with iTunes and will hopefully be available there soon (fingers crossed).  Until then, you can listen to the pilot here or on SoundCloud.

And just, you know, thanks 🙂



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