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018 Facebook PagesIn this episode, I’m joined by Chris Moore, Kira Layli-Moore, and Manny and Natalia Avetisyan for this bear of an episode all about the joys of managing Facebook Pages.  We talk about personal/work pages, but also the contest and art pages that foster community and participation. I think we got somewhere.

3 thoughts on “018 Facebook Pages

  1. Brenda

    Hi I homeward episode about face characiture dreing of face loved to draw faces so this peaked my interstate. Now
    A. Mom of 2. Looking for accretive outlet. I wasn’t clear in where to participate. I listen to sooooany podcast. And I just finally found yours. It really enjoyable. Thank you for putting it out there. Hope you can link me to some user fun sites so I can get creative. ?

    1. Brenda

      Sorry for typos. Let me try again. I just heard your podcast and am looking for connection links to participate in the fun. Long story short. Totally sorry about first email.


      1. alirthome@gmail.com Post author

        Hey there Brenda! So glad you enjoyed the Podcast 🙂 The first place to check out if you’re looking for Community is the International Society of Caricature Artists. Anyone can become a member, and a membership gets you access to the Facebook Workshops, Contests, Quarterly Magazine, and the Yearly Convention (this years its in Sandusky). That’s where I personally started out and found a great community of artists to share with and get together with once a year. Other options on Facebook are Facebook weekly challenges like Caricaturama 3000, Funny and Crazy Likeness caricature Fest, Face Laboratory, and Caricatures Gone Wild just to name a few. Street and Gig Artists is another networking type page for artists who do more retail work. Or, if you’re looking for just a good sketching community or daily inspiration, I like checking @Sketch_Dailies on Twitter.
        You could also search for Meet ups in your area. I know that the Philadelphia region has its own meet up of local caricature artists and i’m sure more cities have something similar as well.
        I hope that helps and you find at least one of those helpful! Theres a lot of stuff out there so i hope you find something that fits you 🙂 Thanks again for listening! And if you have any other questions, just let me know



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