035 Environmental Studies


Cory Lally talks with me this week about nurturing a creative work environment to help artists feel confident and thrive in a retail setting. Other members of the California boys join us to corroborate his claims and talk about customer management. THanks to Cory Lally, Kirby Rudolph, Chris Chua, Jordan Martin, and Cory McCollough for their insight.

Check out their work at www.thecaliforniaboys.com or #thecaliforniaboys

034 Story Nerds

Kirby Rudol

I traveled down to Georgia to meet up with some super fun caricature pals at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon. The show ended and we sat around and did what we do best; tell customer stories, drink, and eat. Join Tim Reed, Rob Little, Mary Kay Williams, Jeff Arce, John Smith and I as we relive some ridiculous interactions and also talk about nerdy stuff.

Episode contains explicit language

034 Quickie


This week, the episode is really a minisode featuring a short clip from one of my favorite artists/people, Joe Bluhm talking about our favorite Steves and how sometimes you gotta take chances and push yourself to be a better artist/you.

033 Crappy Spot

flood and caricatureThis week, Kirby Rudolph, Chris Chua and I brave the elements and smells of “nature” to talk about retail stand locations in fairs that have been less than favorable to us trying to do our business. And then it rained.

032 Con-ing Out of our Shells

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pokemon

This week, I take you into the Central PA York Comic Con with BeeJay Hawn. We chatted mostly about how everyone loves us, but also what it was like to meet celebrities like Billy West and Ken Hunt. Other amazing people stopped by the stand like Tyger Smith, a wrestler and fellow podcaster, and Turtle, the TMNT enthusiast. As a caricaturist, the most addictive thing about the experience was everyone’s enthusiasm about art and your work. It’s inspiring

You can follow BeeJay Hawn on her Facebook page.
Tyger Smith can be found all over the webs; on the UWC network, his podcast “shooting with friends” is available on iTunes and other podcast platforms and one of his other projects “Con Cops” can be found on Spreaker.

031 The Kirby and Chris Show

031 Kirby and Chris Show-01

Kirby Rudolph and Chris Chua hijack this episode to talk about traveling down South, doing fairs, drawing Caricatures, Vampires, Snake Knives, and tons of other ranDumbness. You can follow Kirby @CaricatureConfidential and be sure to check out Chris’s other podcast available on Facebook called “Morning Dad in the Afternoon”. I love these guys

030 Unicorn Poop

Stuffed Scarf

If there was ever a time where I thought, “you know what would be awesome; wrapping imaginary animal feces around my neck for warmth”; today is the day that dream is on a path to reality. I sat down with Fun to 11 to talk about what it takes to make plushies and the challenges faced when running a Kickstarter Campaign.

Check out the Kickstarter Page!

029 Couples

029 couples on valentines day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and i wanted an episode delved into that age old question; What’s it like to be an Artist in Love? And by love, I mean living, creating, working, and building businesses together, because that’s what love is really all about.

Featuring Caricature Power Couples Chris Moore and Kira Layli Moore and also Manny and Natalia Avetisyan

028 Strength of a Community


I’m joined by Celestia Ward to talk about the tragedy that happened to one of our colleagues, Glenn Ferguson, and the enormous outpouring of love and support that followed.

If you would like to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/glennferguson

027 A Productive New Year

Its supposed to be funny A productive New Year

Having trouble being productive? I’m joined by Jordan W Martin to bring you some productivity tips for your new year!

Find Jordan @jordanwmartin all over the internet

026 A California Boys Christmas

California Boys Christmas

Happy Holidays one and all! This week, Cory Lally takes us to Santas Enchanted Forest in Miami and talks to the amazing artists that work there. And a little bit of Star Wars, just a little.

www.thecaliforniaboys.com and everywhere @thecaliforniaboys
Aaron Philby @CarnyMercury
Chris Chua @Artwhale_Chua

025 ISCA Con


The International Society of Caricature Artist’s Convention has come and gone but the good times rage on! Join me as I take you back to the Con to relive all the awesomeness. To learn more about ISCA and the convention, visit www.caricature.org

024 So Much to Learn with Jason Seiler and Torren Thomas

Torren Thomas Jason Seiler

College isn’t the only option out there for artists to learn and grow. In this episode, recorded Live at the International Society of Caricature Artists Convention, I talk with Jason Seiler and Torren Thomas about Schoolism.com and the struggles of being/becoming the artist you want to be.



023 PreCon

ISCA Convention Anxiety

The Caricature Convention is upon us and we are feeling the pressure! Mae Adao and Kirby Rudolph sat on an office floor with me to discuss our strategies, hopes, and dreams for this year’s Convention in Sandusky, OH.

Mae Adao on Social Medias @MaeDaeArt
Kirby Rudolph on Social Medias @CaricatureConfidential

022 All About Faces

022 About Faces

On this episode, I took the show on the road and visited Mike Hasson at his About Faces Office in Maryland to talk about the Agency business! Sadly, I forgot the donuts.

You can find Mike and other entertainers for hire at www.aboutfacesentertainment.com

021 Probably History: Part Deux

021 probably history

Kirby Rudolph drops by to give us a much needed History Lesson. Picking up where “Probably History” leaves off, we discuss the birth of retail caricature and the beginnings of political cartooning.

020 Communicate This

020 Communicate This

Aaron Philby and Sae Mee Yoon join me in the studio to talk with me about Language and communication in the workplace, with customers, and with each other.

Check out Aaron’s Blog: www.aaronphilby.blogspot.com
Find Sae Mee Yoon on facebook

019 The YorkCon

the YorkCon

What happens when a group of friends from around the country converge on one location? We find out in this week’s episode as I take you into The YorkCon. VIP access for everyone.

018 Facebook Pages

018 Facebook PagesIn this episode, I’m joined by Chris Moore, Kira Layli-Moore, and Manny and Natalia Avetisyan for this bear of an episode all about the joys of managing Facebook Pages.  We talk about personal/work pages, but also the contest and art pages that foster community and participation. I think we got somewhere.

017 Clip Show


017-clip-showWelcome to our first clip show! ISTBF has done a whopping 16 episodes so far, with more to come of course.  I’ve put together some clips that I liked from previous episodes along with some clips that didn’t make the cut in the final episodes.

016 Pros in Cons

Convention CaricatureIn this bear of an episode, we explore the art of the Convention.  We talk to Tyler Johnson and Kirby Rudolph and their experiences with selling their art and doing caricatures at the conventions. In the second part of the episode, I talked with veteran Convention Comic Guy Lar DeSouza who has gone to several conventions with Blind Ferret to meet fans of the comics he draws for (Looking for Group and Least I Could Do) and the artwork he creates.

Here are some links to the stuff we mentioned in the episode:
WWGS : http://wwgscomic.com
Looking for Group: http://www.lfg.co
Least I Could Do: http://www.leasticoulddo.com
Sailor Bacon Plushie for Charity! :  Shop.Blindferret.com

015 Collabs

caricature collab

Hot off the Del Mar Fair in San Diego, CA, occasional co-host Kirby Rudolph and I talk with Eric Goodwin, Nate Kapnicky, and Chris Chua about their caricature paradise and their love of collaborative caricature; the Collab.


14 Mr Jert

Jeremy TownsendJeremy Townsend, aka Jert, sat down with me to talk about his move from retail caricatures into his illustration career and the impact that his time in caricatures has had on that.  We also find out what the #mostleastfunniest things are and Jert answers this weeks hashtag, #whatsinmybeard.

You can find Jeremy Townsend @MrJert on Twitter and Instagram

13 Funny Favre

sean Favre Macho man

Sean Favre stops by and talks with me and Kirby Rudolph about Humor, Improv and maybe a little but of Macho Man.

You can check out Sean Favre everywhere @seanfavre and find Kirby @kirb_yer_enthusiasm on instagram, Caricature Confidential on Facebook, and Caricapuss on tumblr

12 Yes James, And?

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.25.15 PM

In this episode, I chat with actor James A. Janisse about Improv, acting, and how exaggeration is used in all of those things.

Check out Jame’s Youtube channel, Practical Folks, for all his awesome content!

11 Tom is Priceless

File May 26, 12 04 03 PM

Tom Faraci pays me a short visit on his way to interview myself and a few other caricature artists for his documentary “American Caricatures”.  We chatted a bit about his project before getting into a huge disagreement about retail caricature prices.  Our friendship is still up in the air. Maybe ice-cream can fix it.

10 Moms the Word

File May 13, 11 24 31 AM


My Mom, Lisa Thome, sits down with me this week to talk about caricatures, our family, and raising me and how awesome I am and what a great person I turned out to be and even more Me related things…ME Me me…and also CarrotMan.



File May 13, 11 36 11 AM


09 Probably History

KA historyKirby and I take a trip into the past to discover and reconnect with the roots that bind all caricature artists together; The Caricature Origin Story.

08 Girlscast



Krystal Simmons and Amanda Hackert join me to talk about Lady Problems.  Not those kinds of Lady Problems, but the kind that involve uncomfortable conversations with strangers and unwanted attention while working at the fairs.

07 Breakfastcast

Breakfast Its Supposed to be FunnyThis episode, I’m joined by Kirby Rightbackatcha Rudolph and Jeff Pecina to talk about some caricature controversy that came up on Social Media that seemed to put a bit of a rift between those who like to exaggerate in retail, and those who stick with more of a traditional approach. Why can’t we all just get along?

06 Reading Reddit with Tyler Johnson


Tyler Johnson

I sat down with Tyler Johnson to read some internet comments.  Specifically the ones on reddit related to caricatures.  What we learned from them may surprise you.

04 Drunkcast with Chris and Kirby

The night’s intentions started off innocently enough with having some alcohol with Chris Chua and Kirby Rudolph before settling in to a rant about people who don’t get caricatures, and turned into one to many shots and a lot of unexpected word slurring.  I hope you enjoy drunken yelling and a little bit of nonsense, because I have delivered it by the barrel full in this week’s episode of “It’s Supposed to be Funny”.

03 Joe Bluhm

Joe Bluhm has a nice long conversation with me about his Comic Anthology “Satellites” and its Kickstarter and also about his work, past work, and also a couple of rants just for funskies.

Good News Everyone!


Hey you! And welcome to the first post and first episode (check out the pilot in the previous post) of “It’s Supposed to be Funny: A Caricature Podcast!”

I’ve been wanting to do a project like this since I started listening to podcasts, but i didn’t have a solid idea until this past summer when it hit me: “I’ll talk about Caricatures! My friends and i talk about that all the time anyway so it’ll be easy!” I sat down with my buddy Cory Lally and we recorded the Pilot episode.  6 months and a healthy push/collab with fellow noobie podcaster Nolan Harris of the ISCAST, and here i am finally presenting this content to the world.

New podcasts will be available every other Tuesday starting January 6, and as of right now (and after several days of technical difficulties), the podcast is in the process of submission with iTunes and will hopefully be available there soon (fingers crossed).  Until then, you can listen to the pilot here or on SoundCloud.

And just, you know, thanks 🙂